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Santa Barbara Trail Guide

A guide to hiking trails in the Santa Barbara Area

The Santa Barbara Trail Guide was first printed in 1986. This version is the latest revision and the first extension of the guide with additional materials never before available, now easily accessible over the Internet. Feel free to use the materials on these pages in conjuction with the printed guide.

Scheduled Hikes - A listing of the Sierra club hike schedule.

News - Over a hundred news stories of interest to hikers about health, hazards, tips and tricks.

Trail Photos - Each of the trail waypoints have been photographed so you can see what to look for.

GPS Coordinates - Each trail listed has been GPS'ed with a consumer quality receiver. If you use a GPS you can download the coordinates for each trail from this site.

Trail Hazards - What to watch out for and be aware of when hiking in the Santa Barbara area.

Geology - Interesting facts about the geology of our local mountains.

Wildflowers - Most of the common wildflowers in the Santa Barbara area can be found on this site.

Current Trail Conditions - We will be updating the site with the latest information about hiking conditions on all the trails in the Guide.

The Condor Call - The journal of the Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club.

Additional Information - We will be adding additional features and information as the site matures.