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Inspiration Point

 Waypoint Description Latitude Longitude
 TUN001 Trailhead N 34 27.845 W 119 42.759
 TUN002 Locked gate N 34 27.901 W 119 42.754
 TUN003 Wooden bridge N 34 28.192 W 119 42.438
 Go Straight
 TUN004 Paved road ends N 34 28.236 W 119 42.413
 Go straight
 TUN005 Tunnel trail junction N 34 28.207 W 119 42.361
 Bear Left
 JES020 Junction with trail N 34 28.270 W 119 42.442
 Creek crossing
 JES019 Stream crossing N 34 28.368 W 119 42.428
 JES018 Switchbacks N 34 28.369 W 119 42.708
 Turn left
 JES017 Fire road N 34 28.316 W 119 42.867
 View spot
 JES016 Inspiration Point N 34 28.328 W 119 42.897

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Note: GPS coordinates are only accurate within the particular map datum from which they are recorded.
For example, the coordinates presented on these pages are all calibrated to the WGS 84 datum using the format of hddd mm.mmm.
Therefore when coordinates from these pages are entered into a GPS, it must also be set to use the WGS 84 map datum.
GPS receivers are inherently inaccurate. All coordinate systems are a projection of a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional system. Narrow canyons and tree cover are notorious for making readings difficult or inaccurate. We assume no responsibility for any harm done to anyone as a result of reading, using, or following these coordinates. The GPS coordinate information presented through this website may contain inaccuracies, and using this information may result in physical and legal risk. Many of these coordinates have not been verified, and we do not take responsibility for anyone becoming injured, lost, or arrested and/or sued for tresspassing or any other illegal activity as a result of using them.